Mongolia Short Tours, Day Trips & Weekend Getaways from Ulaanbaatar


Here you can find our selection of quality Mongolia Short Tours and day trips, including Trans-Mongolian train stopovers, Ulaanbaatar city tours, excursions ranging from 1 to 4 days to cover the most popular travel destinations including Gobi desert, Khuvsgul Lake, Karakorum and the most intersting national parks; Hustai and Terelj.
       We have designed these special Mongolia stopover and short trips for people keen to experience the best of each destination of Mongolia but with limited time to spare. Those tours packages that will allow you to enjoy Mongolian culture and combination with nature sightseeing, a wide range of accommodations, transfers in private vehicles and fine dining.

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UB Night Life Tour



Terelj National Park

Genghis Khan's Statue Complex
Hustai National Park
13th Century Theam Museum



Nomadic Experience
Terelj National Park

Genghis Khan's Statue Complex
Hustai National Park
Gun Galuut N.Park




Gobi Desert , Southern Mongolia

Khovsgol Lake, Northern
Karakhorum & Erdenezuu




Gobi Desert , Southern Mongolia

Central Mongolia Tours

Western Mongolia



Naadam Festival Highlights
Golden Eagle Festival

Hiking, treking,horse riding

Winter Short Tours