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Welcome to MongoliaShortTours.comMongolia Short Tours Agency is a part of Amicus Travel Mongolia and has been specializing in developing a large selection of Mongolia Short Tours, Day trips, Trans-Mongolian stopovers, Ulaanbaatar city tours and excursions ranging from 1 to 6 days to cover the most popular travel destinations which are including the Gobi desert in southern part of Mongolia, Khuvsgul Lake in northern, Karakorum & Orkhon cultural landscape in central region and the most interesting national parks; Hustai (wild horse park) and Terelj national parks etc.

We have designed these special Mongolia stopover and short trips for people keen to experience the best of each destination of Mongolia but with limited time to spare. Those tours packages that will allow you to enjoy the Mongolian culture and combination with nature sightseeing, a wide range of accommodations, transfers in private vehicles and fine dining.

We promise to be your Mongolia Tour Guide, Escort and Best Friend to ensure your tour is safe, enjoyable and great experiences this vast and beautiful country with limited time.

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Mongolia Short Tours & Day Trips: We hope you will find the right tour for your limited time.

 Mongolia Short Tours & Day Trips: We hope you will find the right tour for your limited time.

Travel Service: In addition to your sightseeing and nature tours, we also arrange your airport transfers and train tickets.